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Our Biology. Your Future.

Transform your gardening and home maintenance routine with our eco-friendly bioproducts.

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1qrt bottle of A*LIVE Elite

Organic Certified


Home Use

Add life to your soil.


A*LIVE Elite is a blend of living, plant growth promoting microbes ideal for use at home.

  • Yes! A*LIVE Elite is a completely natural, chemical-free formula designed specifically to be both eco-friendly and safe for people and wildlife. You do not need to wear gloves, or protective gear of any kind while applying.

  • Studies have shown that frequent applications of A*LIVE Elite (applications once every 7 days) are most effective. Applying large quantities of A*LIVE Elite in a single application will provide results; however, frequently adding standard doses to the soil is best practice. For lawns, 2-4 applications per growing season will be sufficient.

  • A*LIVE Elite can be stored for 2 years unopened or 6 months once opened. If you open a bottle at the end of a growing season and want to preserve it over the winter, you can store the capped bottle in your refrigerator where it will be good for a full year.

    Under normal circumstances, no refrigeration is necessary, and the bottle should be stored with the cap on at room temperature. Avoid freezing or exceeding 32C.

  • If your goal is reduce or eliminate use if synthetic fertilizers, we recommend reducing fertilizer use by 1/3 per grow cycle until you find the balance that is most effective.

    We believe natural solutions are better for our environment and in most cases, A*LIVE Elite makes it possible to get great results while being environmentally responsible.

A*LIVE Elite vs. Chemical Fertilizer

Improve Soil Health

Prevent Erosion

No Downtime

Rapid Root Development

Long Term Benefits

Fast Absorption

Plant Growth Promotion


Safe for People & Pets

No Risk of Nitrogen Burn

Creating a sustainable future

for people and the planet

We are dedicated to producing effective, innovative products to help restore the health of our planet. We believe making our products accessible and affordable worldwide will contribute to the restoration of soil & water health and preserve our resources for the benefit of future generations.


With over 20 years of research using specific strains of microbes, we have pushed the boundaries of what biology is truly capable of. We are able to restore bodies of water and improve soil and plant health, sustainably and naturally. 


Although our award-winning technology was initially developed for large-scale agriculture and water applications, we have commercialised our technology and now provide the highest concentrations of our bioproducts for retail use.

Award Winning Technology

We harness the power of biotechnology and natural microbes to tackle the environmental challenges that matter most.

20+ Years of Research

Our success and innovation in biotechnology is driven by our core values of research, relationships and results.