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  • A*LIVE™ Septic (1gal)

A*LIVE™ Septic (1gal)


A*LIVE Septic is an all-natural, non-toxic blend of beneficial bacteria designed to eliminate sulfide odours, digest sludge, reduce excess buildup in sluggish septic tanks, unclog drain fields and improve final discharge.



    • Add A*LIVE Septic before your tank needs to be pumped out and reduce the frequency of pumping.
    • Restore your tank to peak efficiency.
    • Use as a catalyst in compost or organic waste piles to help breakdown complex nutrients and provide a plant-available nutrients to your lawn, garden, greenhouse, etc. 
    • A*LIVE Septic is very effective for RV holding tanks, pit toilets and all other septic applications.
    • For municipalities, culturing sludge digesting and nitrifying bacteria on-site results in bottom-line savings by increasing overall efficiencies and greatly reducing handling costs associated with sludge, organic solids, and fats/oils/grease, as well as lowering use of polymers and other chemical agents.
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