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  • A*LIVE™ Pond (ComboPack)

A*LIVE™ Pond (ComboPack)


Our A*LIVE Pond ComboPack consists of a two-part, multi purpose, biological kit. Each kit includes 1 gallon of ultra-concentrated, liquid bacteria for fast acting results (A*LIVE Pond), and one slow-release, biodegradable A*LIVE EcoSock for long-lasting protection.

Our ComboPacks can restore large ponds and dugouts to a healthy, balanced state, naturally without the use of chemicals or harmful algaecides. The microbes in A*LIVE ComboPacks are able to digest sludge, cycle nutrients, eliminate odour, and outcompete algal blooms for essential nutrients. 

    • A*LIVE ComboPacks are all natural, odourless and contains no toxic chemicals harmful to people, animals or aquatic life.
    • Achieve efficient nutrient cycling with monthly dosing
    • Reduce sludge and organic matter by 3-6inches/month
    • Increase oxygen levels for aquatic life
    • Outcompete algae for essential nutrients (phosphorous & nitrogen) until the bloom dies off naturally. 
    • Frequent use leads to a balanced, healthy, aquatic ecosystem
    • Prevent dredging and eutrophication
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