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  • A*LIVE™ Pond EcoBac Pellets (1lbs)

A*LIVE™ Pond EcoBac Pellets (1lbs)


A*LIVE Pond EcoBac Pellets are fast acting sludge digesters capable of resolving odour issues and binding excess Phosphorus. This process leads to nutrient depletion for algal blooms/weeds which leads to natural die-off. For best results, apply the pellets along the perimeter of the body of water once per month. 

    • Delay/Prevent Dredging
    • Digest Sludge
    • Breakdown Organic Matter
    • Cycle Nutrients
    • Bind Excess Phosphorus 
    • Fix Nitrogen
    • Eliminate Odour
    • Easy-to-use
    • Lakes
    • Ponds
    • Stormwater Ponds
    • Dug-Outs
    • Backyard Ponds
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